About Us

Diversiply. is an online

wholesale marketplace

that does the legwork of building relationships between retailers and Black owned suppliers that would otherwise never have the opportunity to get their products onto stores shelves. We also expand the reach of Black owned suppliers already on store shelves. At the end of the day, the single biggest thing affecting the success of black owned businesses is access to capital in all of its forms. Indeed, 58% of Black owned businesses were in financial distress before the pandemic. Our goal is to increase revenue opportunities for Black owned businesses. Our ultimate mission is to transform and strengthen Black communities by making the Black businesses located in those communities more financially sustainable.

The wholesale industry in the United States alone is valued at over $9 trillion, of which Black owned suppliers make up only a tiny percentage. Yet, we know that Black owned business have some of the highest quality, healthy, toxin free, and innovative products on the market. The world is missing out on these products and these businesses deserve to be able to share their innovations beyond their neighborhoods. Diversiply is filling the gap. Our work lends to efforts to diversify the supply chain while simultaneously giving Black communities access to heretofore untapped opportunities. Join us to level the playing field for black owned businesses everywhere.